The Logician's Love

by jpl8

I tried to build a system,
Of pure logic and reason,
Invariant in truth,
Unchanging with the season,

Like Euclid did in ages
Now long gone but remembered,
And the newer likes of Russel
Who in foundations endeavoured.

I started with a model
Too weak to truly capture
The fullness of the system
Of which that I was after.

Of the first order didn't do,
Of the second might succeed,
But a system computational
My work did really need.

The system I would code,
By toiling Day and Night,
Carefully ensuring
That every step was right.

When the system was in place,
It was time the search began,
Exhausting every path,
With a steady breadth-first scan,

To find a set of axioms
Where I can be with you,
Without trivially taking
The statement to be true.